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Experience & Expertise

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Traveling can be fun for you if done with complete peace of mind. High-end vehicle selection can consume a great portion of your budget thus, spoiling your enthusiasm. You have to be incredibly wise while opting for car hire. Having car rentals in Kenya means you are free to move independently exploring every corner of it. TravelHype brings the most cost-effective car rental solution for discovering the place in which you have landed. Exclusive discounts by the renting car providers are shown at the top of the searches when using the search filters. In Kenya, from an SUV to a four-wheeler luxurious ride, all you can have at just one click, and within budget.


Car hiring process in Kenya

Beat the cumbersome car hiring process by opting for the best available renting deals in Kenya. Strict policy for car hiring in Kenya must be abided by the service taker. Thorough legal documentation is geared up between the provider and the party taking the service to avoid any future dispute. This document is composed of all the rules implied by the provider for renting a car. Signing and following the agreement can save you from several extra charges and put you at liberty of discovering the overwhelming landscape of Kenya.

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TravelHype always strives for streamlining your voyage by making it flexible. Through us, you can get the most appropriate option of car rentals in Kenya from a compact to a full-sized luxurious vehicle, which can cover your demands in totality. We have extended our ties with the car rental companies offering car hire service from the Kenya airport at competitive rates. This puts our customers at the height of comfort, consequently making them more gratified. 

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FAQ – Car Hire in Kenya

How can I book car hire in Kenya through TravelHype?
All details regarding the date when you want the service, the time of hiring, and the pick-up and drop-off destinations in Kenya have to be entered correctly in the portal. The search engine analyzes the information and searches for the best suitable options available with the current rental service providers for you
What car options are available in Kenya for rent?
You can choose from the multiplicity of available car types. For maintaining your grandeur of moving around, luxury cars or SUVs can be picked from the list for making your trip to Kenya an extraordinarily memorable one. For a great holiday excursion, you can search for the type of vehicle catering to your needs by entering your requirements on the search engine.
What is the cost of hiring a car in Kenya?
Car hire costs has been categorized by considering several factors. Prices can fluctuate to rise or fall owing to the choices made for pick-up and drop-off destinations in Kenya, the SUV or luxury car chosen for traveling, the nature of ride either for one-way or a return trip, etc. Prices tend to change with the destination a passenger selects to travel to. Car renting can be costly for some areas and affordable for others. Use the search filters by setting your price range to get the most optimal car for rent falling under your budget.
What's the cheapest option for a car hire in Kenya?
Depending on the car availability with the rental service providers, small and mid-size cars are the best and most economical selection for a cheaper option in Kenya. These are the alternatives to luxury vehicles that can save you from paying extravagantly.
Is insurance necessary for hiring a car in Kenya?
Personal insurance is not necessary for car rentals in Kenya, as you can have it from the company you have opted for the service from. The insurance covers only the travel duration you have taken the vehicle for. There are options available to use your insurance for covering specific cars on rent. You can only get the insured cars if you are eligible for them. On having such a car type, be alert while making payments, as many companies have already added the cost of insurance in the final billing so that you do not have to pay double.
Can I use my debit card for hiring a car in Kenya?
Some car rental companies in Kenya do not accept debit cards for providing cars for rent. Credit cards are the acceptable medium for payments as these are devoid of any attached risk. The debit cards issued by the bank can be used but the prepaid ones are not accepted. Accurate credentials must be submitted for verifying your identity and your card’s credibility before taking the service, thus making the process tiresome.
Why should I find car hire through TravelHype?
TravelHype assists in transforming your journey in Kenya into smoother and more hassle-free one. You can get the most suitable car hire option based on your requirements with help of the search filters.