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Traveling with your family can incur many hidden expenses of which you were not aware. So, save yourself from being occupied with paying higher rental bills, check out the best deals for cheap rental cars through TravelHype. We serve you the best options ranging from an SUV to a luxurious comfortable vehicle for moving around either in London, New York, Dubai or anywhere else in the world.


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TravelHype aims to provide you with the utmost level of satisfaction by way of the most promising car hire deals. Plan for a cheap car for rent by submitting your requirements through the search engine. The embedded search filters will display the most economical vehicle packages that can fit your budgetary limits. Going for a business tour or a family vacation hangout, traveling can be put at ease in a matter of minutes.


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Due to the fluctuation in prices regarding explicit factors, it can be wise to wait till the last minute to book car hire. The search engine displays the cascading results of its associated car rental agencies at any point in time whenever a filtered search is performed for a car hire near me designated to a particular destination.

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Our purpose is to enclose the entire world into a compact zone for your ease. We assist you with the fastest selection regarding the pricing of a car to rent through comprehensive search results. Our core is to make your whole journey from the start to the end, a joyous and contended one. We imply complete transparency in our processes for acquiring the highest trust levels of our users, and while doing so we ensure to make your traveling investment more worthwhile.

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FAQ – Car Hire

How can I find a car hire through TravelHype?
For this, you have to enter every detail regarding the date when you want the service, the time of hiring, and the pick-up and drop-off destinations. You will then be provided with the best suitable options from an extensive list of car rental service providers.
What car options are available for rent?
There are multiple car for rent options from which you can choose. Depending upon the style with which you want, luxury cars or SUVs are on the list that can make your trip to France, Spain, USA, or anywhere else an extraordinary memorizing one. For a splendid vacation excursion, you can search for the type of vehicle that can cater to your needs by entering your requirements on the search engine.
What is the cost of hiring a car?
Costs for car hire can be categorized owing to numerous factors. The prices can go up or down by the selections made for pick-up and drop-off destinations, the SUV or luxury car type you choose to travel in, the type of ride-booking either for one-way traveling or a return trip, etc. Price ranges are also attached to the particular locations a passenger selects to travel. Car hire can become expensive for going to such destinations while the same car costs you less for other areas. Make use of the search filters by setting your price limits to get the most optimal car rental within your budget.
What's the cheapest option for car hire?
Of all the car options available at the car renting service providers, small cars are the best and most economical to choose if you are searching for a cheaper option. These are the alternatives to luxury vehicles that are quite expensive to afford.
Is insurance necessary for hiring a car?
There is no need to get personal insurance for the hired car, as you can get it from the company from whom you have opted for the service. That insurance caters only to the duration of the trip you have covered. There are options available to use your personal insurance for covering specific rental cars. You can get insured cars only if you are eligible for hiring them. On having such a car type, beware while making payments, as many companies have already added the cost of insurance in the final billing so that you do not have to pay twice.
Can I use my debit card for hiring a car?
Debit cards cannot be accepted all the time by some car rental companies. Credit cards are set as the medium for payments as there is no such risk attached to them. The debit cards issued by the bank can be sometimes acceptable but not the prepaid ones. You have to provide certain credentials for proving your identity and the credibility of your debit card before taking the service, thus making the process tiresome.
Why should I find car hire through TravelHype?
TravelHype can make your journey smoother and more hassle-free by getting the most suitable car hire option conferring your requirements with help of search filters.