As we enter 2023, we’re putting together our bucket lists of dream travel destinations for the year, and we thought that we’d share some of our favourites as inspiration:

Vis, Croatia

With crystal waters, blissful views, and incredible hiking, it’s little wonder that the Croatian island of Vis is beloved by tourists and filmmakers alike. Often standing in for Greek islands in many Hollywood films, Vis is an idyllic slice of paradise with an even more idyllic price tag. As the furthest island from Croatia’s mainland, there is a slower pace to life on Vis, even in tourism, compared to the hustle and bustle of cruise ship crowds, backpackers, and inter-railers, allowing you to soak up a more authentic experience.

Santiago, Chile

Santiago is an eclectic and energetic city with something for everyone. It has sprawling skyscrapers, bohemian neighbourhoods full of street art and galleries, fusions of South American and European architecture, and natural wonders like the snowy Andes and the Cajon del Maipo gorge. The museums are full of artifacts that trace the history of almost all of Central and South America. The central Plaza de Armas is the perfect place to understand the city’s modern residents as the ideal place to people-watch and find a moment of peace amongst the hustle and bustle of this vibrant city, always on the move.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

The island of Zanzibar off the coast of Tanzania is often referred to as the ‘spice island’ due to the large variety of spices they produce. As a result, not only is Zanzibar a haven thanks to its white sands, year-round warm weather, and turquoise blue ocean, but also because of the variety of local dishes on offer designed to satisfy the palate of any curious food-lover. A visit to Zanzibar is an experience for all the senses, from the stunning scenery to the soft sand, the tropical chorus of creatures, and the taste and smell of the cuisine. 

The Maldives, Sri Lanka

If Zanzibar’s single island of paradise isn’t enough for you, maybe The Maldives off the coast of Sri Lanka are your answer to an ideal getaway. An archipelago of almost 1000 islands, the Maldives have crystal waters and white sands like Zanzibar, yet also boasts many species of tropical fish and many sightseeing or snorkelling trips to allow you to see the area’s most extraordinary natural beauties up close and personal. Loved by even the rich and famous, the beauty, nature, and complete relaxation that the secluded islands offer make it easy to see why the Maldives is a favourite with travellers from across the globe.


Honestly, the trip of a lifetime – Antarctica is a bucket list destination like no other. Many tourist cruises now sail around Antarctica and the peninsula, so a visit is easier than ever. In addition, there are many incredible natural highlights, such as Ross Island (home to 4 volcanoes and breath-taking views) or Peter I Island (home to Adélie penguins, Chinstrap penguins, and many species of seal).

If we’ve inspired you to add any of these destinations to your 2023 bucket list, why not search for your flights and hotels through TravelHype to make your dream a reality.