Mexico is wrapped up in heights of diversity in its tradition, culture, landscapes, cuisine, springs, and much more. This makes it the destination of wonders. Mexico beholds everything that matches the utmost satiety of people coming from all corners of the world. The multiplicity of multi-coloured lagoons, the white sandy coastline, the mystical waterfalls, tempting eateries, the cliff hangings, and the enchanting pools makes it the most incredible place in the world. Tourists revelled having a variety of adventurous endeavours, and photographic experiences. If you haven’t got a chance to visit here, then check out some of the greatest spots of Mexico highlighted below which you have never heard of before and are worth seeing by everyone.

1. Isla Aguada

Isla Aguada located in Campeche Mexico has a charm of attraction in it. Its clear turquoise water has mesmerizing appeal. Tourists having a personal vehicle can easily approach this place. Visitors have to bear no entrance fees if going for a walk but for a car to take in, you have to pay $9 per head. The stretch along the Laguna de Terminos, and The Gulf of Mexico, the coastal beach area serves the best as a fishing point. Morning is the time for a splendid photograph of its wooden piers and charming swings.

2. The Giant Crystal Cave

The Giant Crystal Cave is one of the most incredible places in Mexico, the beauty of which is hidden in the cave of Naica Chihuahua. The huge crystals in the form of swords weigh around 55 tons. This place was explored a century ago. A special protective kit has to be worn to gaze the charm of the swords, as its temperatures go to 160 Fahrenheit. It is believed the crystals of gypsum in the cave bring healing effects and makes you young by touching them. 

3. Pink Lake- La Coloradas

Another impressive destination in Mexico is named the Pink Lake or La Coloradas. It is situated at the uppermost top of the Yucatan Peninsula and grabs a portion of Rio Lagartos Biosphere Reserve. Several diverse feeds of animals have their sanctuaries here. The vibrant pinkish tone of this lake is the composition of the solar salt, algae with red coloration, multi-coloured planktons, and brine shrimps. The pink-coloured flamingos add to the beauty of this place. You can spend a valuable afternoon in this cosy environment and can have photography sessions for capturing the beauty around you.

4. National Museum of Death

The National Museum of Death sounds weird by name but is a highly interesting spot to visit in Mexico. It is situated in Aguascalientes and became operational for public visitors in 2007. The museum has a vast death-related historical background with a collection of death iconography, and funeral artisans, the most famous of which is the artwork created during the lifetime of Octavio Bajonero Gil. Tourists who have an interest to unveil the truths of history must not miss adding this location to their Mexican itinerary.

5. Tamasopo

Mexico’s sparkle lies within another spot named Tamasopo, situated in the La Huasteca Potosina region. It dazzles its visitors with its astounding surroundings of whimsical waterfalls, turquoise-coloured rivers, enthralling jungles, and hidden caves with a camping adventure, all positioned at the centre of the rainforest. This secret gem of Mexico has a calm environment due to the less rush compared to others. You can have an exciting experience by paying a few dollars to access the scenic parks.

6. Yelapa

The village of Yelapa holds the real beauty of Mexico and is a unique destination for spending one’s spring break. It is positioned in the southern region of Bahia de Banderas and is inaccessible by cars. To visit such a place, you need to take the help of boats or kudos through the jungle. Yelapa resides on the outskirts which has no connection with internal Mexico. The slip of the sandy mixture into the oceanic region gives an awe-inspiring outlook. Another amazement of this place lies in the sea eateries for enticing the taste buds.

7. Edward James Surrealist Garden

Edward James Surrealist Garden is amongst the hidden marvels of Mexico that have hardly come into the knowledge of tourists. The location of this place lies in the region of La Huasteca Potosina and was constructed by the British historical poet Edward James to bizarre the visitors with its dreamlike architecture. The elaborative décor with doors opened in the Las Pozas Garden adhering to a pretty lush panorama of waterfalls is just the view of paradise.

8. Quetzalcoatl Snake Hotel

Quetzalcoatl Snake Hotel is another wonder of Mexico that gives a unique style of accommodation to its visitors. It has been constructed in the shape of God Quetzalcoatl and is just 30 minutes away from Mexico City. It gives a peculiar feeling of sitting in the beast’s belly. The hotel has five bedrooms and accommodates around eight tourists at a time. This is the place for kids who can enjoy running through the tunnels, playing in the flower garden, and exploring labyrinths.

Mexico has embraced a world of amusement in it which has never left any tourist bored. There is a great magnitude of attractions that gives one an awestruck on seeing it. Mexico can be your source of delight if you plan to visit it. It has absolute diversity in it from adventure to strange, and from excitement to history. You can also find the best VIP table in Tulum.

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