Amsterdam might not be your first spot on the list of tourist destinations but if you’re travelling as a family, it is worth considering it as one of the top picks on your travel list. The busy yet welcoming city has a plethora of activities to choose from, for visitors of all ages. Stroll among the sheltering trees, ponder the variety of animals and plants, and visit parks blooming with colourful flowers with your young ones. Explore the hidden treasures of Amsterdam on this list of best things to do with kids in Amsterdam.


Visit ARTIS for a closer look at nature. ARTIS Royal Zoo is the oldest historic zoo founded in the Netherlands in 1838. The Amsterdam Zoological garden is home to approximately 700 animal species and 200 tree varieties. It is a tranquil oasis in the middle of a bustling city. Kids can learn more by visiting their botanic gardens with several shrub varieties or other historic buildings including the Aquarium, the Large Museum, and the distinctive Library building. If your little one loves animals like zebras, crocodiles, or fish, then make sure to visit this spot in Amsterdam.

NEMO Science Museum

With the ongoing trend of science and technology, going along with your kids to the renowned NEMO Science Museum is the next best thing to do with kids in Amsterdam on our list. This large waterfront museum has a collection of 19,500 artefacts focused on energy and engineering. It provides the best infotainment including interactive scientific displays, experiments, and shows for the little ones. Your kids are sure to love this place while participating in hands-on activities.


The Vondelpark draws 10 million visitors annually and is Amsterdam’s biggest and most popular municipal park. The magnificent 45-hectare complex has a renowned outdoor theatre, many playgrounds for kids, and many cafés and restaurants, making it the centre of attention throughout the year. Both residents and tourists adore the park for its exotic gardens, picturesque ponds, and kids’ playgrounds. Whether you have toddlers or new-borns, this park is perfect for your kids. Walk with your baby in the pushchair along the winding pathways or let your 9-year-old rent a skateboard or bicycle of his/her choice for a fun visit. You can also go for fun-packed family picnics since many restaurants and food stalls line the park.

Madame Tussauds Amsterdam

Situated in Amsterdam, Madame Tussauds is a world-renowned museum chain with life-size wax replicas of prominent personalities and historical figures displayed in themed halls. This star-studded attraction brings kids closer to their favourite football player leaving them with a memorable experience. Take a quick, cute snapshot of your cheeky ones while they experience a fan moment with their favourite icons.

The Amsterdam Marionette Theatre

Founded in 1985, The Amsterdam Marionette Theatre uses traditional wooden marionettes to perform family-friendly puppet shows. Local puppeteers perform musicals and comedies to Offenbach and Mozart classical music using handcrafted marionettes dressed in colourful silk and velvet outfits. Although the performances are in Dutch, most kids are drawn by the visual acts and musical elements of the show. Hold the hands of your little one and go backstage to attend on-site workshops on how these marionettes are carved while discovering the theatre’s history.


The Tropenmuseum is an ethnographic museum, located in a stunning listed structure with views of Amsterdam’s Oosterpark. The numerous artefacts on permanent display and in the frequently changing exhibitions are all about the history of humanity. It offers interactive areas and programs where kids learn about various cultures. Through calligraphy, dance, and fashion, Tropenmuseum Junior’s popular exhibit teaches visitors about Moroccan culture and history. This museum is the perfect place to tour your kids around Amsterdam’s historic structure and educate them about unity regardless of coming from diverse cultures. This adds to the list of best things to do with kids in Amsterdam.


Rembrandtpark is a green oasis secluded from the bustle of Amsterdam making it a wonderful getaway to spend quality family time. The 45-hectare park, named after the renowned painter, was completed in 1973. It comprises a garden, playgrounds, walking and biking trails, statues, ponds, a water play area, as well as a petting zoo. It was created as a leisure space for the locals. It’s a lovely area to unwind and relax with kids, possibly with a picnic lunch, surrounding the verdant vegetation, various birds, and tall trees.

Splash Pools

During summer, kids love to get wet in splash pools and look for a hideout from the heat. For an active family day out, you can visit some of Amsterdam’s many big and small swimming pools such as Westerpark, Oosterpark, and Beatrixpark. Capture cute moments of your kids while splashing and cheering in the water.

Kids cruise

The Blue Boat Kids Cruise is one of the most super fun activities for kids in Amsterdam. Kids go on an audio tour listening to an interactive audio story with headphones. They are also given a booklet with a set of pencils, games, and pirate binoculars. Kids have an additional snack box option to choose from. After the cruise, your kids will become Certified Freshwater Pirates!

These are a few fantastic suggestions if you’re looking for things to do with kids in Amsterdam and planning a family trip with the youngest visitors.

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