It is obvious, everyone needs a break from a boring life and longs to experience something new and unique. There are several ongoing plans to tour encircling the mind and altering every moment. If you want to be encountered by the deep blue, crystal water, want to bump into the white sands, and are curious about discovering the marine world, then get your bags packed and move to the pathways of the Philippines.  Having around 7000 islands here altogether, it can be a top-class hopping adventure for you to spend your holidays valuably. Pick up your traveling buckets and head towards a sparkling dive with turtles in the deep lagoons. We have gathered a detailed outline for island hopping in the Philippines that can help in narrowing your tour plan for the whole vacation span.

Coron Palawan Island

Hopping to the Island of Coron Palawan, the Island is a magnificent spot for tourists. It gives you a greater appeal about the exotic sunsets and fiery formation of lagoons. It takes you deep into the pride of two-tone waters which cannot be missed by the visitors to the Island. For a true island-hopping experience at Palawan, you should get set to view the beauty of Barracuda Lake, Skeleton Wreck, Kayangan Lake, and the Golden Coral Garden.

What You Can Do Here

You can spend your day swimming at the lakes of Barracuda and Kayangan, boating in the midst of the Twin Lagoon and the Smith beach, and snorkeling at the depth with a combo of soaking the blazing sun over your head. This place can give an ultimate experience to divers’ while being at Coron.

Boracay Philippines Island

Boracay stands as the best beach tourist spot in the Philippines that can be opted for first hand for summer vacations. It awes the visitors with its marine splendor and eye-catching sunset views. Boracay never fails to entertain its tourists to the fullest by the number of activities it is occupied. The Puka beach and the Crocodile Island are the true exquisiteness of this place.

What You Can Do Here

Boracay throws upon fun fulfilling undertakings. Boating, Snorkeling, and cliff jumping are some of the huge parts of amazement. Its marine wildlife is extended at a vast stretch which allows the visitors to explore and unleash the hidden beauty beneath the water with the help of a diving kit.

Bohol Hopping

Bohol in the Philippines is considered the heart of the islands owing to its picturesque landscapes and multitude of tourist activities. This place can be the ultimate choice for a perfect summer getaway. The shores of Virgin and Balicasag add to the attractive appeal of this island for couples to spend their dreamy honeymoon.

What You Can Do Here

Bohol is filled with ecotourism venture for the day sightseers. You can snorkel to meet-up with the wild marine creatures in the depth of clear waters and have fun feeding them. Have a great swimming adventure with the Dolphins going up high and diving deep down. Enjoy a pleasurable cruise ride at the river of Lobok Loay by absorbing the beauty of the Chocolate Hills.

Puerto Princesa Hopping Tour

The top Island-Hopping spot named “Puerto Princesa” holds an honourable position among the seven wonders of nature. It gives a jaw-dropping experience by extending an underground river tour to the visitors. The escapade of Honda Bay hopping with sightseeing of starfish and Luli Island is a world of amazement as a whole.

What You Can Do Here

While being at Puerto Princesa, you will never be short of activities to do here. Give your bones real Vitamin D energy by sunbathing under the direct contact of blazing rays. Spend a leisurely day swimming and snorkelling at the destinations of Cowrie and Pambato Reef. Relieve your taste buds by having an appetizing lunch at Puerto Princesa Island.

El Nido Island Tour

El Nido is admired for its pristine formations of limestone, lagoons, and beaches. This place postulates an incredible hopping experience for hop lovers. The natural beauty is surrounded by showers, a magical spell on the visitors who cannot refrain themselves from unveiling the hidden secrets of the Island. El Nido comprises three striking beaches and two scenic lagoons, making it indeed the best summer destination for vacations.

What You Can Do Here

You can have a thrilling swim and other water activities along the beaches of Nat Nat, Pasandigan, and Paradise – not only in name but also in view. Satisfy your appetite with the scrumptious Bar be Que prepared at the Island for lunch.

Cebu Moalboal Island Hopping

Moalboal Cebu has the capability of attracting a huge number of tourists globally. Its mesmerizing marine life and scenic beach views hold a magnetic effect that catches the attention of all adventure lovers. It gives a lifetime cliff diving experience of the Binalayan waterfalls to visitors who can feel their long-lived dreams coming true.

What You Can Do Here

Try out swimming and snorkeling at the Panagsama beach or Pescador Island. This place gives you the chance of spending quality time underwater communicating with the turtles, corals, and distinct fish.

Final Words

Exploring the Philippines is an experience owing to the great magnitude of the Island’s beauty and panoramic beach collection. The few from the extended list discussed above cover only a chunk of the Philippines, as many are still uncovered. Nature has honoured the Philippines with an undeniable attractiveness and is regarded as a sure-shot destination for vacationing. The islands of Tawi Tawi, Romblon, Davao del Norte Samal, and Pundaquit in Zambales, Manila are some adding to the worth of visiting.

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