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Is traveling with a cat difficult?

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I always hear of people doing it with their dogs but seldom their cats. I have to wonder if it is difficult and that is why people avoid it. I have a very clingy cat and anytime I travel, which is not very often, he becomes emotionally distraught and upset. The last time I traveled in 2018, he refused to eat for 5 days when staying with my brother. I have considered taking him with me but I am just not sure.

Posted : 8 September 2022 16:45
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I am not sure if a cat would be okay on a plane. Most planes make them fly as cargo and I would imagine that is very scary. If you can get a pass for him where he can travel will you and be next to you in a carrier, that would likely be okay. I have done this with my dog once already. Not a long flight. I am just not sure how she would do on a road trip!

Posted : 14 September 2022 19:54