Barcelona is a City that has all you need when going on a holiday. From historic arts, football, world-class dining, sandy beaches, and entertaining nights out, the incredible range of things to do is what makes this city a popular tourist destination. Locals here are immensely proud of their unique character, which is reflected in their language, iconic architecture, and their extraordinarily gregarious and convivial culture.

Read along this post to find out more about the 10 Best things that make Barca a great Place to Visit.

1. FC Barcelona

It goes without saying that one of the most popular football teams is FC Barcelona. The club has won 22 European and Worldwide titles creating international records over the years. The Camp Nou stadium, which has approximately 100,000 seats, is the largest in Europe. When big games are played there, fans in the team’s colors swarm the city’s metro system on their way to the stadium. Bars all across the city have large TVs showing the game for those without tickets to the event. One of the top ten tourist attractions in Barcelona is commonly featured as the Camp Nou stadium and museum.

2. Sagrada Família – The UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família is currently the largest unfinished church in Catalonia, Barcelona. The Roman Catholic cathedral is designed in the Art-Nouveau style by renowned Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi and is the most prominent monument in Barcelona. It is one of the most recognizable churches in the world and receives over 2.8 million tourists annually. The church itself holds a symbolic meaning that makes it an inspirational example of historic architecture today. The Agbar Tower, the DHUB Museum, the Golden Fish canopy, and the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion, to name a few, are just some more examples of Barcelona’s spectacular modern architecture you need to visit.

3. Picasso Museum

All you artists inspired by Picasso, here is what you need to see. The Museu Picasso standing in Catalonia, Barcelona houses an extensive, rich collection of Pablo Picasso’s paintings dating from the 20th century. Artists from all over the world gather to understand the formative years of Picasso and his life depicted through his paintings. The museum has 4251 works including paintings, sculptures, drawings, and engravings.

4. Park Güell

Park Güell is another architectural masterpiece by Antoni Gaudi. The privatized park is a beautiful marriage of gardens and architectural elements. The park is named after Eusebi Güell, a wealthy businessman who supported Gaudi and had a deep love for his creations. The magnificent stairways around the 2.4 metre long dragon and fountain designed in Gaudi’s technique of broken colourful mosaic tiles make the park a site to see. Admire Gaudi’s vision and learn more about how the park transformed into a UNESCO heritage site upon your visit. One of the finest examples of Catalan Modernism and a must-see attraction for anyone traveling to Barcelona is Park Güell.

5. La Rambla

Stretching over a distance of 1.2km, Barcelona’s main thoroughfare is called La Rambla. It connects the Plaça de Catalunya in the city’s heart with the Christopher Columbus Monument at Port Vell. The street is lined with trees and is home to cafes, bars, and shops creating a vibrant atmosphere. The modernist La Boqueria market is located near the Ramblas and is an exceptional piece of architecture. The lively indoor market offers a plethora of goods to purchase, including fresh fish, herbs, meats, insects, and more. At the end of the street, in Plaça Catalunya, one of Barcelona’s most significant squares, which blends the old and new to create a social gathering place and is a terrific place to spend some time exploring. Tick off this dreamy destination on your bucket list.

6. Mercat de la Boqueria

With access to La Rambla, La Boqueria is a buzzing market selling fresh produce and local dishes. It is the busiest and most popular market in Barcelona. The market consists of a bewildering array of fresh fruits and vegetables, sea critters, fresh meat, a variety of cheeses, and rows of tiny tapas bars. It is essential to arrive hungry and fill up yourself with local dishes paring it with a glass of cava sangria.

7. The Gothic Quarter (Barri Gòtic)

The Gothic Quarter, a lovely neighborhood, got its name from its former status as a Roman village, and it still bears some signs of that glorious past. People from across the borders stay in the Gothic Quarter because of the blend of the ancient and new. There are numerous quiet squares (plaças) in the Gothic quarter where you may unwind and take in the scenic views. However, the enormous Cathedral has a stunning courtyard with exotic plants and geese making it one of the primary attractions located right in the centre of the neighborhood. You will be spoilt for choice of restaurants and bars on the street. Head here for that perfect afternoon stroll or the finest night drinks.

8. Parc de Ciutadella

Located on the northern outskirts of Ciutat Vella is a park called Parc de la Ciutadella. This park served as the only green space in the city for many years after it was designed in the middle of the 19th century. The park adds to the magnificence of Barcelona with its century-old trees, Castillo de los Tres Dragones (Three Dragon Castle), which currently houses the Zoological Museum, a beautiful waterfall, a lake for boat rides, splendid pathways, and several sculptures. The park is connected to the city zoo.

9. La Barceloneta

You can’t leave Barcelona without visiting a sandy beach. Take a dip in the waters of Barcelona and sink your feet in the golden sands with your loved ones. From nightclubs and restaurants along the boardwalk, ice cream kiosks, play areas for kids, and sun loungers to laze on, this sandy strip has so much to offer.

10. Barcelona Bodegas

Family-run bodegas and tapas bars are a traditional part of Spanish life. This combo of grocery shops and bars is where people visit to taste, learn, relax, and sip on Spanish wines. Grab a savoury snack and pick up your favourite pint of beer at one of Barcelona’s famous bodegas.

With all that it offers visitors to do, Barcelona is a city that never fails to impress. These are our top picks that make Barcelona a great place to visit.

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