Traveling abroad sounds exciting, thrilling, charming, and fascinating. It makes you think bigger about the regional change prospects and multi-ethnic conflicts. Besides this enthusiasm, what makes you anxious? Is it the packing decision. Packing has never been considered a fun activity, as it takes a large chunk of your time and mind that drains your energy levels. Some can perform extraordinarily, while others are stuck at certain points. This is a reality that blunders can be done by seasoned travellers as well, and for the first traveller, packing might be a nightmare. For your ease, we have constructed an ideal packing checklist for the international travel, which can save your time and efforts.

1. Necessary Documents

When going to another country, you have to be mindful of what documents are required for getting entry across the border. A checklist for international documents includes:


Check the expiration of your passport. If it is expired, get it renewed or if it is valid then check whether it is covering the length of your stay along with a margin of at least 3 months in case of trip extension. Have an up-to-date passport to avoid future problems.


Every country has different visa requirements. Check your travel destination’s government website regarding the visa prerequisites and prepare accordingly.

Health Insurance Proof

Some countries consider health insurance mandatory for allowing entry to visitors. A letter can be issued by your insurance company that can act as proof that you have health insurance.

Child’s Birth Certificate

If you are traveling with your family and have a toddler below the age of 2 years of age, then you need to carry their birth certificate of him/her if you don’t want a separate seat for them.

Covid Restrictions Passes

The pandemic has no doubt affected overall traveling to a great extent. Certain countries have put limitations on the possible entries. For making your travel free from obstacles, keep with you an updated health pass, or a vaccine card as proof that you are healthy enough to pass any country’s border.

2. Family Vacationing Checklist

Now here comes the main course of packing which includes the accessories you need for wearing on the holiday. Traveling with a family can be a hectic job owing to the enormous packing requirements. Whether you are having a new born, toddlers under five, or grown-up teenagers, you need stuff for all. Here is what to pack


The right selection of bags will help you cater right amount of stuff. There are multiple forms and types of bags available in the market from backpacks to rolling suitcases. The days of your stay, the family members going on vacation or a solo trip, the destination you are going to visit, and the event to attend will decide upon your bag selection.

Clothes Selection

Your clothes section should include bottoms such as pants, trousers, shorts, tights, and top layers such as shirts, t-shirts, cardigans, tops, etc. All you have to do is to categorize your events into formal, semi-formal, and casual. Think about the days of stay, the places to visit, and the gatherings to attend, then narrow down the number of clothes according to the categorisation, along with an extra pair.

Shoe Collection

This section should also be managed depending on the events that are going to happen on your trip. Keep the pairs of dress shoes, or activity-specific shoes like joggers, water shoes, etc.

Personal Safety Items

Personal safety items are very essential to keep before anything else is kept. It should include face masks, sunscreens, sanitizing wipes, hand sanitisers, sunglasses, disposable gloves, pepper spray (if allowed), bug killers, hats, etc.

First Aid Kit

The country abroad is a stranger to you. You should keep a first aid kit, or other medical supplies with you so that in case of an emergency you do not have to rush to the doctors or hospital. The main things should include pain killers, antihistamine, anti-allergic, supplements along with prescriptions, bandages, thermometer, gauze saline water, medical tape, and other small things.

Miscellaneous Items

This set covers all your personal belongings concerning mobile phones, prescription glasses, laptops, chargers, jewelry, makeup, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, perfumes, accessories for kids – nappies, baby wipes, bibs, toys, stroller, baby feeders, etc.

3. Checklist for a Beach Vacationing

A beach holiday is different from other sorts of trips. It makes you move in a unique style, and you need to add on certain things contrary to what you have done for other destinations. The packing essentials for this include shorts, swimsuits, jackets, underwear, sandals, water boots, gaming items, beach blankets, umbrellas, goggles, sun hats, skin care products, and floaties for kids.

Packing overwhelms us to a great extent. Whether you are planning a family holiday, going for a business trip, or a solo roam about, all require good, and well-managed packing. A comprehensive packing checklist can waive off the increased stress levels of where to start and where to end. This ideal snapshot of packing requisites can make you relieved from 360 degrees.

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