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Best place in Iran for historical landmarks and general sightseeing?

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I have always had a love for historical architecture around the world. I have never been to Iran but it is a place I have considered before. I know there must be rich history in the bones of the country that can be seen in buildings, temples, and tombs. What is the best place in Iran for sightseeing when it comes to historical landmarks? 

Posted : 8 September 2022 17:03
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It depends on the area you want to go to. The Imam Mosque in Isfahan is fantastic. It was once known as the Shah Mosque but it was changed in 1979 I believe it was. Very beautiful and a representation of their history. 

Posted : 10 September 2022 21:03

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Posted by: @clevercat

The Imam Mosque in Isfahan


I was just looking at some pictures, this building is stunning. I can't believe I have never heard of it before. Maybe this is down to the name change? I really don't know. I am adding this to my list!

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Posted : 12 September 2022 18:38