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Best LGBT+ areas to travel?

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I know not all places are as accepting and whilst some will still allow for LGBT+ people to visit, they can be very offputting and openly discriminate. While I am a straight man myself, I do have members in my family as well as my friend circle that are within this group and they seldom travel out of fears. I want to show them there are plenty of places they can go and enjoy without fear of persecution or discrimination. 

Posted : 8 September 2022 16:56
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Sweden is at the top of my list for this. Having many LGBTQIA+ people in my social circle, I know many who have LOVED it there. Mykonos in Greece is another fantastic location. NYC in America is said to be a fantastic place to visit if you are into plays, music, fashion, etc. and it is very friendly there. Well, friendly in the sense that if they are rude or mean, it is not down to being different in the sexual sense! 

Posted : 14 September 2022 19:53