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Is it even worth go...
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Is it even worth going?

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I have been to a number of different areas in the US and have loved all of my stays. Even if they were a bit louder and in your face than what I am normally used it, it was fun! I had never been to Philly and have heard great things about it 20 years ago but it seems to be a place that is filled with crime and filth these days. As much as I would love to visit for the experience, I am not sure it is worth it when I can go to a much safer, cleaner place in America. 

Posted : 10 September 2022 19:37
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I have been to a number of states and cities. I can tell you that Philly is at the bottom of my list. There is no reason to go there. It is stricken with poverty, trash, the people are rude... The pollution is TERRIBLE. Since 2020 with those BLM riots, things have only been made worse. 

Posted : 12 September 2022 18:08