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Best spas in Florida?

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I will be traveling back "home" for a bit. I have been in the UK now for over 10 years. I have gone back a few times but only to see family. This time, I will be going with my mother-in-law and I wanted to plan a nice spa surprise for her. We haven't really decided on a set location, I am thinking Florida though as I have never been there myself. So let's go with that, what are the best spas in Florida? 

Posted : 9 September 2022 19:00
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I have only been to one and that was the Acqualina Resort. They have an amazing spa there and a lot of other things you can do. It was not cheap but boy did I feel amazing after! It still gets highly rated so it might be worth checking out.

Posted : 11 September 2022 17:07